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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Landscape( Himalayan Mountain Region) HD wallpapers

Himalaya is the highest mountain range in the world. It is also the youngest mountain range in our planet. It is considered that formation of Himalayan mountain occurred moreover 70 million years ago when two continental plate (Indo-Australian and Eurasian) collide with each other. The place which is known as Himalayan was once a Tethis sea. It is the highest mountain peak of the earth. The height is 8848m. it have  stretched its arms through Northwestern Pakistan ,Northern India, South Tibet and also Bhutan. The length of Himalayan mountain range is about 2500km and width around 300km. it has mainly three part ,The Greater Himalayan, Lesser Himalayan and Outer Himalayan. The formation of Himalayan mountain region is still going on. This process some time causes earth quake in this region.  

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