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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Disneyland HD 3D wallpapers

Disney-land is an artificial i.e. man made park. Disneyland was first opened by Walt Disney in 1955. Due to the popularity and shortage of space it was reconstructed in 1998. Disneyland has been segmented in several small parks.
          (1)    Adventure land
          (2)    Bear country
          (3)    Micky’s Toontown
          (4)    Frontier land
          (5)    Fantasy land
          (6)    Tomorrow land
Every year moreover 16 million people visit Disneyland. There are lots of things to see , not only adventure land but also some entertaining arrangements also been done for the people. Disneyland now have several branches around the globe. (1) Disneyland California (2) Disneyland Paris (3) Disneyland Florida (4) Disneyland Hong Kong.

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