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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friendship SMS

Dosti bins zindegi viraam hoti hai,
akele hr raat sunsan hoti hai,
sacche dost ka hona hai zaruri,
kyuki dost se har muskil asan hoti hai.

Log milte hain "EVERY TIME",
but pasand ate hain "SOME TIME",
aap jaise dost milte hain "ONE TIME",
Jo dilme rehte hain "LIFE TIME".

KBC mein SRK ne mujhe pucha "world ka sabse bara ULLUK kon?",
mene 1crore thukra diya magar tera naam nehi bataya,
afterall apon donoki dosti croroki hain.

When something valuable is near us,
we won't care 4 it,
but when we mis that precious thing,
we start feeling for it,

Friendship needs no promises,
no demand and no expectations...,
it just needed two persons,
1 like jack another jill.

we are not of the same blood,
we are born in different places,
have different tastes and lifestyle,
but still our hearts are connected with,
single feeling called "FRIENDSHIP".

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